Welcome to Blue Nautilus!

I am your host, Liza Tsitrin – marine biologist, artist, and photographer with a passion for adventure and ocean conservation. On this site I’m going to share my art and talk about my experiences as a researcher, in the hopes of raising awareness for ocean environments and encouraging the conservationists inside all of us!


Blue Nautilus is dedicated to the stewardship of aquatic species and environments through promotion of research, public education, and raising awareness. My pieces are meant to spark appreciation and respect towards nature, while my research addresses ecological problems and the solutions that can help mitigate them. I firmly believe that conservation starts with inspiration and education, which in turn inspire action!


There is a wealth of fascinating research stories about marine life, but as is common in the academic world, most of the information is only available in scientific publications, and thus rarely accessible or made engaging to non-scientists. Yet, the underwater world is wonderfully entertaining, while also contributing significantly to our understanding of our planet, and our connection to it. In my blog you will find personal stories, as well as some interesting tidbits about oceans and research as a whole. Some of these stories are shrouded in mystery, some stranger than fiction, and some have surprising connections to our everyday lives. With my art, I want to offer a brief and entertaining look at some of the fascinating creatures found throughout the world oceans, explain why they are at risk, and why we should all care. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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