About the Artist

Since childhood I have always been inspired by the beauty, mystery and power of nature. Having lived in several different countries, I was taught from a young age to appreciate the diversity and wonder of the natural world. Today I am grateful for this early exposure, and the fortune of having experienced some of the most beautiful places on our planet, which ignited my imagination and kick-started my quest for knowledge.

For most of my life I have some form of visual arts – art was a way for me to explore the world and relate my experiences of it. I became especially fascinated with painting the ocean once I learned to scuba dive at the age of 12. This immersion in nature, where everything is alive and full of color and energy, sparked both my imagination and my curiosity. I wanted to learn more about this mysterious, alien world, and art was an important step along that journey.

Today I work in a variety of different media: traditional painting, film and digital photography, murals, fabric painting, and graphic illustration to name a few. My subject matter is centered around ocean creatures and environments, often with elements of stylization and surrealism. You can view my completed projects by clicking on the GALLERY page, visit the SHOP, or commission your own unique artwork by clicking COMMISSIONS.

About the Scientist

I started my research career at Dalhousie University, in the beautiful maritime city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I graduated with Honor’s in Marine Biology, having conducted an independent research project where I studied vocalizations of a population of long-finned pilot whales off Cape Breton Island. This was my introduction to fieldwork, and ignited my interests in bioacoustics, social ecology, and migration in cetaceans. An important aspect of the work also involved working with the communities around Cape Breton to further public education and outreach. This is where I discovered my primary goal as a researcher: to connect my research to the humans it affects, and to conservation applications.

I am now a Master’s candidate at Acadia University, where I study the movements of two small forage fish species 🐟Alewife and Atlantic herring 🐟 using cutting edge acoustic tracking technologies. One of my primary goals is quantifying if and how much time fish spend in areas with tidal turbines, in order to assess whether these structures pose a threat to the species. My data could also reveal interesting new information on how and where animals migrate after they spawn. You can read more about this project over at the Gaspereau Tagging Project page.

On this site, I will be taking you on a tour of the world’s oceans, and introducing you to some of their amazing inhabitants! I want to share the message that everything in our lives is connected to nature (yes, even for those of us living in cities, far from any coastlines). I know that tackling global issues can be daunting, especially when we are talking about threats to our own existence. I hope that my work will help you see the hope and power of conservation, and maybe even encourage the next generation of young biologists and field researchers!

Find out more by reading my BLOG, or get in touch with any questions, to commission an artwork, or just to chat about ocean stuff  🌊